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Asecos Safety Cabinets according to European Standards (EN)

Asecos Safety Cabinets Selection Folder

Asecos Fire Safety Cabinets – Maximum Fire Resistance


Astell Scientific – Autoclaves & Sterilizers

Astell Square Range Autoclave

Astell 63 Litre Top Loading Compact Autoclave Range

Astell 120-344 Litre Front Loading Autoclave Range

Astell 95-135 Litre Top Loading Autoclave Range


ATAGO – Refractometers & Polarimeters from Japan

ATAGO General Catalog

Automatic Polarimeter AP-300

Automatic Compact Polarimeter POL- Half

Digital Benchtop Refractometers RX Series

Digital Handheld Refractometers PAL Series

Frying Oil Monitor DOM-24

In Line Refractometer CM-780

In-line Refrectometer CM-800alpha

Handheld Refractometer Master Series

Semi-Automatic Polarimeter POLAX-2L

Digital Butyrometer PR-Butyro

Polarimeter / Refractometer RePo-1

RX-Alpha Series

Automatic Polarimeter SAC-i

Portable Viscometer VISCO

PAL Salt




Biochrom Spectrophotometers for Research & Education

Biochrom Libra for Research & QC

Biowave II education

Biowave II USB

Colorimeter CO 8000

WPA Spectrophotometers Complete Range


Buchi Labortechnik – Instruments for Research & QC

Product Overview

Laboratory Rotary Evaporator 

Industrial Rotary Evaporator

Parallel Evaporation Solutions

Spray Drying & Encapsulation Solutions

Lab Freeze Drying

Buchi Melting Point M-560

Buchi Melting Point M-565

Preparative Chromatography Systems

Kjeldahl for determination of Nitrogen/Protein

Automated Extraction Solutions for fat determination

NIRSolutions for Production & Laboratory

NIROnline for At-line monitoring


GFL Laboratory Equipment

GFL General Catalogue


IWAKI – General Glassware & Volumetric Glassware

IWAKI Glassware Complete Catalog


Julabo – Heating & Cooling Instruments

Julabo Corio Circulators

Julabo Dyneo Circulators

Julabo Pura Water Baths

Julabo Top Tech & High Tech Circulating Baths


LENZ Laborglas

Lenz Laborglas Complete Catalog


Metrohm – Switzerland

Potentiometeric Titrators, Titrino Plus 848/877 

Ti-Touch – Standalone Potentiometer or KF Titrator 915/916/917

888 Titrando (Potentiometeric) & 890 Titrando (KF)

901 Titrando Intelligent KF Titrator

904/905 & 906/907 Titrando – Intelligent Potentiometeric Titrators | KF Titrators

Modern Titration Platform OMNIS

KF Titrino Plus 870KF

899 Coulometer

851 Coulometer & 852 Coulometric/Volumetric Titrator

865/876 Dosimat Plus

pH/Ion/Conductivity meters for lab & field use 912/913/914

Advance pH/ion meters for lab use 780/781

Compact Ion Chromatograph (IC) 930 Compact IC Flex

883 Basic IC Plus

ECO IC: Basic Ion Chromatograph for Academia 

Voltammetry – 884 Professional VA Analyzer

946 Portable VA Analyzer

Rancimat – Oxidation Stability of Oils & Fats

Metrohm Instant Raman Analyzer (MIRA)

NIR Analyzer


Liebherr Lab Refrigerators

Liebherr Lab Refrigerators & Freezer for Lab & Research

Liebherr General Purpose Refrigerators

Liebherr Pharmacy Refrigerators


VITLAB Plastic Labware & Liquid Handling

Vitlab Complete Catalog

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