Food Testing Products

Food Testing Products


Food testing of important parameters is very important to comply with internal and government standards. It also ensures a consistent level of quality is maintained.


We have partnered with market leaders of food testing products. This includes portable testing meters and instruments for quick and accurate analysis of key food parameters from ATAGO, manufactured in Japan. All ATAGO instruments are GMP, GLP and HACCP compliant.

Portable Food Testing Range


Frying Oil Monitor DOM-24 | ATAGO


The frying oil monitor measures Acid ValueTotal Polar Compounds in frying oil. A value of 27 or greater for Total Polar Compounds indicates that frying oil is no longer suitable for use.

The unit is easy to use and gives results in seconds, even for heated oil upto 225°C. The Acid Value can also be used to estimate Free Fatty Acids.


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Portable Butyrometer PR-Butyro | ATAGO


The butyrometer measures Refractive IndexButyro reading for edible oil, ghee, banaspati and butter. The Butyro unit is also used in milk industry to detect adulteration.

The unit requires only a drop of sample and is portable, operated by batteries. It can immediately detect if edible oil or milk is not pure.


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Portable Refractometer PAL Series | ATAGO


The PAL Series Portable Digital Refractometers are designed to measure important parameters for food, such as Refractive Index & Brix % (Sugar %).

The unit gives results with only a drop of sample, is temperature resistant and can be calibrated with distilled water. The unit is IP65 certified and can be washed under running water.

Special models of PAL series can measure Honey Moisture %, Baume (%), Non Fat Solids in Milk etc.


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Portable Acidity Meter  | ATAGO


The PAL-BX|ACID Pocket Sugar and Acidity Meters measure sugar and acidity level in fruit juices, milk, yogurt, or vinegar. Each unit in this series measures both Brix (sugar level) and acidity.

The unit is delivered with a complete kit with instructions on how to measure acidity in a matter of a few minutes, compared to classical titration methods.


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Portable Salt Meter  | ATAGO


PAL-Salt allows you to measure Salt % by conductivity method, in liquid samples and also solid samples such as cheese and potato chips.

The unit can measure salt % with only 2-3 drops of the sample, and gives results in a matter of a few seconds. Calibration can be performed using distilled water only. The unit is IP65 certified and can be washed under running water.


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Portable Viscometer ‘Visco’ | ATAGO


Fast & economical, the Visco measures viscosity in liquid food samples, covering a wide range. The unit is compact, battery operated with an easy to read digital display. Only a small amount of sample is required to measurements

*Ultra Low Adapter will allow to measure low viscosity samples (1~2,000mPa・s)


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Laboratory Range of Food Testing (Analytical) Equipment

It is important that consumers obtain safe and sanitary food in compliance with government requirements. Nutrient information, food traceability, and protection against fraud are further challenges. From the process point of view, analytical chemistry supports the manufacturer to improve yields and optimize quality by offering robust, efficient, and sensitive instrumentation.

We provide a range of instrumentation essential for food testing for any industry, including water analysis, meat, dairy, edible oils & fats etc.

  • Lab Refractometers & Polarimeters , ATAGO – Japan
  • Nitrogen (Protein) Determination Systems, Buchi – Switzerland
  • Automated Fat Extraction Systems, Buchi – Switzerland
  • Automated, multi-parameter analysis of food products with NIR, Buchi-Switzerland
  • Milk Testing Equipment, Funke Gerber – Germany
  • Titrators for food testing, Metrohm – Switzerland
  • KF Titrators for moisture analysis in food samples, Metrohm – Switzerland
  • Measurement of Rancidity of Edible Oil ‘Rancimat’, Metrohm – Switzerland

Benchtop Refractometers  | ATAGO


Benchtop Refractometers RX Series are used extensively for measurement of Brix (%) and Refractive Index in food samples such as juices, jams, syrups, honey etc. This model is highly accurate and designed for food labs.

The unit has a built in heating system allowing sample temperature to be adjusted from 5°C to 60°C. Calibration can be performed using distilled water only. Only a few drops of sample are required.


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Automatic Polarimeters | ATAGO


Polarimeters measure optical rotation of active materials such as sucrose, saccharide and other food ingredients. The benchtop polarimeters are highly accurate instruments designed to measure the optical activity of food samples.

The units can also be used for high quality sugar analysis and are compliant with ICUMSA.


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Kjeldahl Protein Determination  | Buchi Labortechnik


Classical method for determination of Nitrogen (Protein) in food items such as dairy, meat etc is the Kjeldahl method. Buchi provides complete solution for determination of Protein in food samples.

High performance, accuracy, & reproducibility are key features of Buchi Kjeldahl systems. The system allows you to save time and comply with official methods.


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Automated Fat Extraction | Buchi Labortechnik


Automated systems for determination of fat in food samples, according to Soxhlet, Twisselman and other official methods.

High speed, repeatibility, operator safety are key features of Buchi Extraction systems. You also save time per analysis of sample and up to 70% saving of solvent which is recovered at the end of the extraction.


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Instant Proximate Analysis with NIR Spectroscopy  | Buchi Labortechnik


NIR Solutions from Buchi allow users to measure key parameters such as Protein, Fat, Moisture, Ash etc in different food samples (meat, dairy, edible oil, grain) in a matter of seconds.

NIR analysis offers rapid, affordable and precise results. It enables real-time decision making for enhanced quality and higher productivity.


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Milk Testing Products | Gerber


All equipment and accessories for the Gerber method of determining fat content, including centrifuges, water baths, butyrometers etc.

They also manufacturer milk analysis devices for determination of fat, protein, SNF, freezing point, lactose etc.


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Potentiometeric Titrators  | Metrohm AG


Several different titration methods are used in food analysis, such as calcium in meat, chlorid in meat, citric acid in drinks, free fatty acids in edible oil etc.

These include potentiometric determinations, including acid-base titrations, precipitation titrations as well as complexometric and redox titrations.


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Karl Fischer Titration for moisture analysis | Metrohm AG


The water content largely determines the quality and shelf life of many food products. The amount of water in food can be easily determined by means of Karl Fischer titration.

Metrohm KF Titrators ensure high operator safety and reliable results. Some applications in food include water content in edible oil, dairy, confectionery and baked goods.


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Rancidity of Edible Oil | Metrohm AG


The Rancimat is most commonly applied to measure the oxidation stability of vegetable and animal oils and fats and to examine the effectiveness of antioxidants.

Other applications include measuring the oxidation stability of oil- and fat-containing foods such as instant noodles, cookies, and nuts, as well as cosmetics if they contain fats or oils.


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Ion Chromatography  | Metrohm AG


IC is a versatile, proven method used for both food and beverage analysis.

Anions, cations, amines, organic acids, carbohydrates, amino acids, sugar substitutes, preservatives, and flavoring agents can be determined by IC in virtually any matrix with utmost precision and reliability.


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