IWAKI Certified Lab Glassware





IGI is a manufacturer of laboratory certified glassware, with the IWAKI brand well known all over the world. Glassware is manufactured in Indonesia, Thailand & Japan, and all factories fall under the group Asahi Glass Company and subsidiary AGC Techno Glass, Japan.

IWAKI brand has several certifications, ensuring that high standard and consistent quality of glassware is delivered to all their customers.


JIS Certificate of Compliance

Issued by Japan Quality Assurance (JQA), ensuring compliance with strict Japanese Standards


ISO Certification

Quality Certification, ISO 9001:2008


Certificate of Accreditation

IGI meets the KAN criteria for accreditation of calibration laboratories

Certified Volumetric Glassware (Class A)

All IWAKI Volumetric Glassware is supplied with Class A batch certificate, with traceability on original carton box, and printed on every individual glassware article as well.

Measuring Cylinder (3022-xxx-N)

Graduated Cylinder, Class A, Amber Graduation, Hexagonal Base

Volumetric Flask Plastic Stopper (5645-xxx)

Volumetric Flask, Clear glass,Class A, Amber Graduation, plastic stopper

Volumetric Flask with Plastic Stopper Coating Amber (55645-xxx)

Volumetric Flask, Class A, Amber color, plastic stopper

Measuring Cylinder with Plastic Stopper (2982-xxx-N)

Graduated Cylinder, Class A, with stopper, hexagonal base

Volumetric Pippete (7100-xx-C)

Volumetric (Bulb) Pipette, Class A, Amber Graduation,

Measuring Pipette Mohr Type (7000-xx-C)

Measuring Pipette, Class A, Amber Graduation, Mohr type

Burette Teflon Stopcock (2103BURETxxS)

Burette with Teflon Stopcock, Class A

General Lab Glassware


Beaker, Low Form


Beaker, Tall Form


Conical Flask


Conical Flask w/screw cap


Seperating Funnel, Teflon Stopcock


Test Tube, with rim

Beaker Conical Form (1080BKxx)

Conical Beaker, with rim

Kjeldahl Flask (5420FKxxx)

Kjeldahl Flask

Iodine Flask with Stopper (5400FKxxx)

Iodine Flask

Boiling Flask Round Bottom (4282FKxxx)

Round Bottom Flask, narrow neck