Lenz Laborglas – Jointware and assemblies


Lenz laboratory glass instruments offers a complete range of general laboratory glassware & jointware, including flasks, funnels, condensers, extractors, reaction vessels and glass assemblies.

Ground Joints

Including sockets, cones, adapters, & accessories such as clamps etc, according to DIN standards.


1-way, 2-way & 3-way stopcocks, with either glass or PTFE plug, Needle valve stopcocks, acc. to DIN standards


Single-neck & Multi-neck flasks with round/flat bottom, Nitrogen flasks/tubes, PUR coating flasks.

Separating / Dropping Funnels

Separating funnels with conical shape with glass/ PTFE plug, cylndrical dropping funnels with glass/ PTFE plug.


Chromatography columns of different lengths & sizes with cone & socket, Sprayer for TLC.
Trolltunga Norway

Condensers & Distilling LinksDifferent condensers acc. to DIN distilling links for condensers, delivery & receiving adapters etc.


Extractors according to Soxhlet, extraction assemblies for light solvents & heavy solvents.

Reaction Vessels

Reaction Vessels of different sizes, with lids, stirrers, stands and other accessories.

General Lab Accessories

Including gas washing bottles, centrifuge tubes, pycnometers, general lab apparatus etc.

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