Continental Worldwide Trading Company (CWTC) is a leading solution provider for laboratory instrumentation and consumables for over 30 years in Pakistan. We represent world market leading brands for products related to Research, QC/QA & Safety for different industries. CWTC has a professional setup with foreign trained engineers and a focus on quality back-up service & support. CWTC is a member of SEDEX, a global organization focused on procedures to streamline ethical & responsible trade, resulting in higher operational efficiency.

Our product specialists & suppliers leverage their extensive know-how to assist you with all your requirements for analyses and scientific research. We offer you high-quality laboratory technology for each application.
We have a complete range laboratory glassware products made of borosilicate glass, with excellent durability & thermal resistance. Our glassware range also includes assemblies & glass apparatus & assemblies for chemical reactions.
Plastic lab-ware products includes consumables and labware of high quality plastic with exceptional chemical resistance. This range also includes liquid handling instruments for highly accurate dispensing of different volumes.


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