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Instrument Qualification & Certification


As QA manager in a regulated industry you face strict regulations (USP, ISO, FDA, CFR Part 11 & others), complying with them is a challenge that takes time and effort.

The strict requirements of the authorities require complete equipment validations. With our services we provide objective proof with you that the regulatory requirements are met. With our trained and certified qualifying engineers, you can benefit from compliance to strict regulations, with documented proof of whole system operation functionality.



Installation Qualification (IQ)

The installation qualification is designed to ensure the environment is suitable for the instruments, outlining the information to assemble your instrumentation. This covers both the hardware and software components of the instrument.


Operational Qualification

The OQ is a set of procedures designed to  guarantee  your instrument works without fault. The test procedures contain a mixture of manual and automated tests to check the safety, performance and reliability of each instrument.



Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Contracts safeguard your instrument from failure for the length of the contract.

Customer kit allows you to easily service the system by yourself. The kit will contain wear parts which can easily be exchanged, according to supplied instructions.


Preventative Maintenance kit will ensure that you get the needed parts for servicing your system in time and are contacted by a certified service engineer who will execute the maintenance according to our high quality standards.


With our PM Contracts, you are ensured of:

  • Immediate service support from our certified engineers
  • Always have the right parts on hand, saving time and money
  • Preventive maintenance visits ensure longer instrument lifetime
  • Regular maintenance to increase instrument life and improve return on investment


Application Support


As a lab manager or analyst, you require application support. In case you have specific questions regarding essential application, we have specialists who can help you quickly to provide you with competent application support.

Request application support here.


Customer Training


Our partners have support centers located all over the world. For challenging applications, we can offer customers to visit these support centers for hands on training on their application & product of interest. Improve your productivity, capabilities, & performance with tailor-made customer training programs.


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