Metrohm – Switzerland

Metrohm is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of high-precision instruments for chemical analysis. Instruments for titration, ion chromatography, voltammetry, conductivity, and stability measurement make their portfolio for ion analysis complete. Near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy is another, strongly growing segment of Metrohm’s portfolio.
Titrators (Potentiometers)
OMNIS Titrators

All-in-one titrator platform: faster results, safer handling, and maximum modularity.


Stand-alone touch screen OR software based titrator which can be tailored to user requirements.


Compact all-in-one, CFR part II compliant potentiometric titrator for routine applications.

Eco Titrator

Swiss-made quality at an affordable price? This potentiometric titrator offers more.

Karl Fischer Titrators
OMNIS KF Titration

Fully integrated solution for water content determination .

KF Titrando

Volumetric & coulometric KF titrator for accurate determination of water content (0.001 to 100%).

KF Ti-Touch

Compact all-in-one volumetric or coulometric KF titrator for water content determination.

Eco KF Titrator

High in quality, low in price: Swiss-made, affordable solution for volumetric KF titration.

Coulometric KF Titrators

Coulometers for the determination of low water content or moisture content (0.001 to 1%)

Ion Chromatography
940 Professional IC Vario

Ion chromatograph with virtually no limitations to individual system configuration.

930 Compact IC Flex

Single-channel ion chromatograph for the analysis of anions, cations, polar substances.

Eco IC

Compact entry-level ion chromatograph offering Swiss quality at an affordable price.

Hyphenated techniques

Extend the scope of ion analysis: sensitive detection, or multi-parameter analysis.

Inline Sample Preparation

Intelligent injection techniques & automation solutions for complex sample preparation in IC analysis.

Automation for IC

Multiply your samples or automate sample preparation with various techniques.

IC Detectors

Superior flexibility: including UV/VIS, Conductivity & Amperometric Detectors

IC Columns

IC columns range from Metrohm include separation columns, guard columns & pre columns.

NIR spectrometers
XDS Analyzers

NIR spectrometers for special applications in the QC lab, in pilot plants, & in the warehouse.

DS2500 Analyzers

NIR spectrometers for fast and screening of liquid or solid samples.

2060 The NIR Analyzer

A turnkey solution for Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Raman spectrometers

Premier handheld Raman system for safe in-field identification of unknown materials


Handheld Raman system for rapid raw material verification: easy, fast, flexible, & transparent.


Premier portable trace detection system for rapid detection of contaminant in food matrices.

Potentiostats & galvanostats

The future of electrochemistry is pure. VIONIC: one instrument, pure discovery.

Compact Line

Space-saving potentiostats/galvanostats: lightweight, portable, and economical.

Modular Line

Instrument for electrochemical research that meets your exact requirements with only specifications & features you need.

Multichannel Line

Multichannel instruments: multiply electrochemistry by twelve.

Portable Line

Combining electrochemical research in the laboratory with in-field testing.

Portable Multichannel Line

Obtain more results in less time keeping the reduced size and simplicity


bipotentiostat/galvanostat, spectrometer, and light source all in one instrument, controlled by a single software

Hyphenated spectroelectrochemistry

EC-Raman and EC-UV/VIS spectroelectrochemistry using stand-alone Autolab PGSTATs and spectrometers


Versatility, simplicity, and improved synchronization and sensitivity for the ECL analytical technique.

pH/Ions, DO & conductivity
Portable Meters for pH, conductivity, & dO

Portable pH, conductivity & combined oxygen meters for use in the field or in the lab.

Lab pH & ion meters

Instruments of choice for pH, ORP, and ion concentration measurements

867/856 Modules

High-end CFR compliant modules for customized pH, ion, and conductivity measurement.

Professional CVS

Flexible benchtop analyzers for Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping.

Professional VA

Flexible benchtop analyzers for trace analysis with voltametry and polarography

Portable VA Analyzer

Portable VA analyzers for the determination of trace levels of heavy metals in water in the field.

Stability measurement
Rancimat and Thermomat

Instrument for measuring oxidation stability of fat-containing folds, cosmetics, biodiesel, & chlorine-containing polymers.

Liquid Handling
Eco Dosimat

The new standard in liquid handling (LQH) and manual titration.

846 Dosing Interface

Liquid handling system for use as a standalone instrument or as an add-on for Metrohm systems.

Dosimat plus

Liquid handling system for use as independent, manually controlled instruments or as a dosing device