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BUCHI is a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R&D, quality control and production worldwide, serving a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverage, feed, environmental analysis and academia.

Buchi Extraction Solutions



Automated Soxhlet Extraction Unit E-812/ E-816 SOX

Extraction device designed for fat determinations in food samples and animal feed following the true Soxhlet extraction principle.

  • Programmable, electronically controlled unit for solid-liquid extraction for fat determination following the Soxhlet principle.
  • The integrated Soxhlet extraction chamber with glass valve, valve unit & optical sensor allows for speeding up the extraction process.
  • The heating plate consists of a ceramic surface with integrated individual heating zones which reaches the boiling point of the solvent within 5 minutes.
  • The solvent library is a unique feature which allows selecting only the solvent and all instrument settings are loaded.
  • Suitable for extractions with petroleum ether, diethyl ether, hexane or chloroform.
  • Available as 2-place or 6-place unit for Soxhlet extractions.


Universal Extraction System B-811
Trolltunga Norway

Explore Universal Extractions with the B-811, which allows four different types of extractions on a single instrument.

–  Fully automated extraction process (extraction – rinsing drying) for unattended operation.

–  Minimum system handling for up to four samples and high sample throughput.

–  Programmable, electronically controlled unit for solid-liquid extractions .

–  Unique – four different extraction techniques can be performed without conversion of the

glass assembly: Soxhlet Standard, Soxhlet Warm, Hot Extraction & Continuous Flow.

–  Large cooling surface on each position minimizes solvent loss and allows reaching an average

solvent recovery rate of better than 90%.

–  Optimized sample sizes with the B-811 LSV model (“Large Sample Volume), where the

sample size is increased to reach the required detection limits of the analyte.


Pressurized Solvent Extraction SpeedExtractor E-914/916
Trolltunga Norway

The SpeedExtractor E-916 / E-914 is an automated instrument for parallel extraction of primarily organic compounds from a variety of solid or semi-solid matrices.

Conventional methodologies (e.g. like Soxhlet extraction) are accelerated by using a solvent at elevated temperatures and pressures.

Once the extraction step is finished, the extracts are condensed in a cooling unit and flushed into collection vials which then can easily be evaporated using Buchi Evaporation Solutions.

–  6 times faster than other PSE instruments thanks to parallel extraction concept.

–  Up to 6 samples in only 20 minutes, with minimum solvent consumption.

–  Very efficient and high speed solvent extraction due to high temperature & pressure.

–  Unique design of extraction cells allows for ease of sample loading and cell assembly.

–  High level of automation saves time-consuming preparation and increases safety.

–  Quick, fail-safe and reproducible operation due to assembly of only 4 sample cell parts.

–  The automated sealing eliminates sources of error and guaranties safety standard.

Industrial Evaporation Solutions
Trolltunga Norway



R-220 SE – 20 L Rotavapor®

–  For safe & fast distillations, drying or concentrations on the large scale.

–  Integrated vacuum controller & large display for control & supervision of the entire distillation.

–  Insulated heating bath (180°C), operated with electric bath lift.

–  Complete with bath replenishment, aeration valve, vapor temperature sensor & 6” LCD display.

–  Quick installation of glass parts thanks to patented EasyClamp.

–  With 7 glass assemblies,10L or 20L evaporation flasks, & one or two scaled 10L receiving flasks.

–  The glass assembly (excluding evaporating flask) is safety coated.



R-250 – 50 L Rotavapor®
Trolltunga Norway

  Efficient & gentle distillation, drying or reflux chemical reactions in pilot & production scale.

–  Rotation speed that can be regulated from 5-100 rpm.

–  Ergonomic digital settings for speed, vapour & bath temperature, low abrasion sealing system.

–  Double-walled heating bath of stainless steel (20°C – 180°C) with bath replenishment &

multiple protection against overheating.

–  Easy & simple assembly & dismantling of  all glass parts with EasyClamp.

–  Available in 4 glass assemblies, with plastic or glass coating, and 20 L & 50 L evaporation flasks.

Kjeldahl Digestion Solutions

Kjeldahl Digestion Solutions

Buchi’s range of Kjeldahl Digestors sets new standards in speed of digestion, flexibility and reproducibility, compliant with all official regulations and meeting the highest standards of safety.


SpeedDigester K-425 and K-436 (Infrared heating)


–  Digestion system for six (K-425) / twelve (K-436) sample tubes with adjustable IR-heating.

–  Fast heat transfer of infrared heaters, with large time savings due to fast heating & cooling.

–  Tight suction module to prevent the escape of sulfuric acid vapors during digestion.

–  Robust design with stand-alone tube holder made from stainless steel.

–  Insulation plate and the optimal designed heating chamber guarantees optimal thermal

homogeneity of the sample tubes.

–  Effective neutralization of fumes when combined with the Scrubber K-415.


KjelDigester K-446 / K-449 (Block Digestion)

–  Compact 20 position block digestion instrument, with manual (K-446) or automatic lift (K-449).

–  Sealed suction module & magnetic fixation, with drip tray for safe & easy handling.

–  High performance 2200W heater, digester temperature can be reached < 25 minutes.

–  Sealed suction system protects user and environment from toxic fumes.

–  Robust design with stand-alone tube holder made from acid resistant stainless steel.

–  Auto Lift of K-449 allows unattended operation & avoids manual handling.

–  Reproducible results due to high thermal homogeneity.


Speed Digester K-439

–  The SpeedDigester K-439 combines the benefits of IR and block digestion in one unit.

–  Automatic & Temperature controlled IR Digestion System with 12 sample positions.

–  Only IR digestion unit with precise temperature control.

–  Very short heat-up / cool-down periods & excellent heat transfer.

–  Tight suction module to prevent the escape of sulphuric acid vapours during digestion.

–  Storage of 50 methods under individual name ease routine operation.

–  Robust design with tube holder made from acid resistant stainless steel.

–  Automatic start and stop of Scrubber unit K-415.


Kjeldahl Scrubber K-415

–  Neutralization & exhaust of aggressive fumes during Kjeldahl digestion.

–  Saves water as the unit operates without water jet pump.

–  Built in membrane pump guarantees high suction performance of 32 L/min.

–  Adjustable suction capacity depending upon amount of fumes.

–  Four step gas scrubbing system consisting of a precondensing step, a 3 liter neutralization

step, an adsorption step and reaction step.

–  Choice of scrubber with two steps (DuoScrub), three steps (TripleScrub) & 4 steps (QuadScrub).



Dumas Solutions

Dumas Solutions

The Dumas method for nitrogen determination is based on quantitative combustion in excess oxygen. As one of the most compact and powerful Dumas analyzer the DuMaster D-480 fulfills all routine Nitrogen/Protein analysis requirements. High sample throughput and flexibility are combined in a unique and effective manner. Featuring the novel Regainer-Reductor system the price per analysis decreases by up to 50 % compared to similar devices.

Buchi Dumaster D-480

–  The DuMaster D-480 enables unattended and flexible determination of nitrogen or protein


according to the Dumas combustion method.


–  Continuous operation with stable  calibration


–  Low cost per sample.


–  The short analysis time of approximately 4 minutes per sample


–  With the built-in autosampler accommodating up to 120 samples, the instrument is perfectly


suited for high throughput without supervision.


–  Up to 95% saving of oxygen due to automated oxygen control.


–  Highest productivity with 2,000 analyses per one pre-filled reduction tube.


–  Large sample volume (up to 1 g or 1 mL) analysis thanks to efficient multi-step gas drying.


–  Maximum safety: no contact with harmful chemicals or risk of burns


–  Large sample volume (up to 1 g or 1 mL) analysis thanks to efficient multi-step gas drying


–  Remote assistance and troubleshooting over the internet.


–  With built-in computer and software supplied as standard with the instrument.



Trolltunga Norway

Trolltunga Norway

Trolltunga Norway

Trolltunga Norway

Trolltunga Norway


Kjeldahl Distillation Solutions

Kjeldahl Distillation Solutions

Basic Distillation Unit K-350/355


– Cost effective distillation unit for Kjeldahl (K-350) & non-Kjeldahl (K-355) applications.

–  Visible distillation process allows for method development and trouble shooting.

–  Safety sensors for protective door, service door and tube detection.

–  K-355 with acid resistant pump for additional steam distillations applications.

–  High quality sample tubes with thick glass walls (2.3 mm) for longer life time.

–  Optional plastic splash protector for long lifetime.

–  Reduction of steam power for gentle distillations in the K-355.

–  Ready to use units supplied with complete accessories (tanks, tubes etc).

Semi-Automatic Distillation Unit Kjelflex K-360


–  Flexible System for Kjeldahl & non-Kjeldahl applications, with external titrator option

–  Featuring a high-performance steam generator, safety sensors for safe operation, storage of

50 different methods and 500 results.

–  High quality sample tubes, with thick glass walls (2.3 mm) for longer life time.

–  With acid resistant pump, allows additional determinations of steam volatile compounds.

–  Flexibility of different titrators  which can be connected to automate the titration step.

–  Electronic steam regulation (30 – 100%).

–  Automatic aspiration of the sample residue at the end of the distillation process.

–  Ready to use units supplied with complete accessories (tanks, tubes etc).

Automatic Distillation Unit KjelMaster K-375


–  Fully-automatic device available with either potentiometric (pH) or colorimetric sensors.

–  Large 8.4“ color touch screen, with convenient and intuitive software.

–  Built in computer, storage of more than 100,000 results.

–  With automatic distillation mode (IntelliDist) to reduce distillation time, preparation steps such

as priming or preheating are no longer required.

–  Glass protector allows for convenient process monitoring

–  Plastic splash protector offers an increased resistance to NaOH and has longer lifetime.

–  High quality sample tubes, with thick glass walls (2.3 mm) for longer lifetime.

–  Each distillation unit can be connected to an optional autosampler for complete automation.

Kjeldahl Sampler System K-375 with K-376 or K-377


–  The Kjeldahl Sampler System consists of the KjelMaster K-375 and the KjelSampler K-376


(24 position) or K-377 (48 position).


–  Innovative sample-changing technique by inducting steam into the sample tubes positioned in


the sampler in order to create overpressure, thus transferring sample to the distillation unit.


–  Small footprint, can fit on any lab bench.


–  The sample tubes do not get in touch with NaOH which guarantees a longer lifetime.


–  Continuously purging by steam ensures clean tubes at end of distillation process.


–  The distillation unit K-375 can be used independently of the sampler unit as well.


Glass Oven B-585

Glass Oven B-585 Kugelrohr:

Regardless if you need equipment for distillation, sublimation, freeze-drying or drying of small samples – the Glass Oven B585 Kugelrohr offers it all.


  • Manifoldcapabilities: Sublimation, freeze-drying, distillation or drying.
  • Ideal for small sample sizes
  • Adjustableto your needs with a broad range of accessories and options
  • Fast and energy efficient heating.
  • Avoids cross contamination.
  • Visua lmonitoring of sample chamber

Accessories R-100




Vacuum Pump V-100

–  Economical Vacuum Source.

–  Noiseless, chemically resistant PTFE diaphragm pump (oil-less)

–  Ultimate vacuum 1.5 m3/h (10 mbar).

–  Vacuum can be regulated when combined with the I-100 Interface.

–  DC brushless motor eliminates electro-magnetic interference.

Interface I-100


–  Easy vacuum regulation.

–  Adjust & pressure maintenance.

–  Ergonomic design with 3 pressure displays.

–  Self explaining user interface.

–  Automatic pressure release when pressure exceeds 1400 mbar.


Recirculating Chiller F-100/ F-105

– Environmentally friendly & water saving.

– Highly visible digital display.

– Temperature range of -5 °C to +25 °C.

– Cooling capacity 500W at 15°C.

– Auto shut-off between distillations.

– Optional control with interface I-100.

– Low maintenance & easy to clean.

Buchi Rotavapor Essential R-100

The Rotavapor® R-100 is a high-quality rotary evaporator to meet the essential needs in classical laboratory applications. It combines essential features with Buchi’s high quality & robust build to create a reliable & efficient system for basic applications.


–  Economical Pricing with a focus on essential features.

–  Manually adjustable rotation speed of 20 to 280 rpm.

–  Action jack lift for smooth manual lifting of the evaporating flask.

–  High quality glassware with most efficient glass condenser.

–  Vapour duct with built-in tool for evaporating flask fixation & removal, as well as

vapour duct release.

–  Digital Heating Bath B-100 allows adjusting set temperature and indicates actual

temperature, for heating up to 95 °C.

–  Safety cut-off in heating bath if actual temperature exceeds set temperature.

–  Heating Bath can be separated and used as an independent water bath.

–  Available with cold trap assembly.


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Vacuum Pump V-100

Economical vacuum source

Interface I-100

Economical vacuum regulation

Recirculating Chiller F-100 / F-105

The efficient way of cooling

Accessories R-300


Vacuum Pump V-300

–  Chemically resistant PTFE diaphragm pump, very low noise emission.

–  Speed-controlled operation when combined with the Buchi Interface.

–  Optional level detection of receiving flask.

–  Flow rate 1.8 m3/h & vacuum of 5 mbar.

–  Easy plug & play integration into R-300.

–  Transparent front panel, easily visible to avoid contaminants from damaging pump.

 Interface I-300 / I-300 Pro

–  Central control unit for R-300 system: rotation speed, temperature (heating bath & coolant), pressure, time etc

–  Solvent library with list of solvents.

–  Integrated leak test.

–  BUCHI Rotavapor® APP with live view & push notifications of all process parameters on phone/tablet.

–  I-300 Pro with 7” touchscreen, charting, data recording & custom solvent list.

Recirculating Chiller F-305

–  Temperature range of -10 to + 25 °C

–  Cooling capacity of 550W at 15 °C

–  Set temperature in 0.1 °C increments.


–  Combine with the Interface for automatic stop, ECO mode & Dynamic Operation mode


–  Temperature lock to avoid accidental changes of set temperature.


Rotavapor R-300

Rotavapor® R-300 Professional

The Rotavapor® R-300 meets the highest expectations in convenience & versatility for rotary evaporation. The modular design allows for easy extension of the R-300 to a fully integrated system where a central interface regulates each component.



–  Modern Rotavapor with advanced features & upgrade possibilities.

–  Available with ergonomic manual or electronic lift for maximum flexibility.

–  Patented combi clip with snap lock mechanism for one handed operation.

–  Combi Clip can be used for evaporating flask fixation & removal, as well as vapor duct release.

–  Immersion angle can be adjusted in 7 stages, ideal for different flasks & applications.

–  Advanced safety feature, automatic lifting of flask in case of power failure (electronic lift only).

–  High quality condenser with 1500 cm2 cooling surface, opening on top for easy cleaning.

–  Lift height is digitally indicated on heating bath, allows reproducibility of parameters.

–  Automatic foam detection possible with accessory.

–  Remote monitoring of parameters with BUCHI Rotavapor® App.


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Vacuum pump V-300

The economical and silent vacuum source

(For picture kindly refer picture folder)

Interface I-300

Central control of all process parameters

Recirculating Chiller F-305 / F-308 / F-314

The efficient way of cooling



NIR Spectrophotometer™ At-line – NIRMaster™

For production environments, the Buchi NIRMaster is the first stand-alone FT-NIR spectrometer, with Buchi’s robust & accurate polarization FT-NIR Technology at the heart of the instrument. This makes the NIRMaster insensitive to mechanical disturbances, has excellent wavelength accuracy and stability, and offers calibration transfer as well.

–  Rapid & Fast results with minimum sample preparation.

–  Precise measurement of several parameters at one time.

–  Twin lamp module – no downtime in case of primary lamp failure .

–  Broad Spectral range – 800 to 2500nm (12500-4000 cm-1).

–  Housing – food grade PMMA or stainless steel with lP54 or lP65.

–  High spectral resolution of 8 cm-1 leads to highly accurate readings.

–  Easy spin drive with magnetic spinner for high performance.

–  Available in food grade PMMA or Stainless Steel housing.

–  Certified dust and splash water protection (IP54).

–  Safe operation due to embedded industry standard PC.

–  Also available as NIRMaster Pro IP65 with a hygienic design that is certified to

be resistant  to water jet cleaning procedures according to IP65 protection class.


NIR Spectrophotometer ™ Online – NIR-Online®

Closely monitoring key parameters such as moisture, fat or protein is critical to correct deviations of any manufacturing process. NIR-Online® spectroscopy provides full control by continuously delivering accurate measurements within seconds.

The NIR-Online spectrometer is based on diode-array technology. The compact, robust instrument is equipped with a flange and sapphire lens. It can be directly mounted to a process vessel or tube, for direct, real time monitoring of key parameters.

–  Easy to use, with direct display of key parameters in the existing process control system, report generation for instant

documentation & simple calibration function for method optimization.

–  Fast payback, with payback period of less than 1 year, and optimization of key parameters for maximum profit margins.

–  Hardware process integration, with a large range of proven accessories covering different samples e.g. solid, liquid, pasty,

viscous or corrosive samples at a broad range of pressure and temperature conditions.


 NIR Spectrophotometer ™ Laboratory – NIRFlex N-500

The N-500 FT-NIR spectrometer provides reliable analysis results for quality control as well as research and development in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage and feed industry. The NIRFlex N-500 offers a wide range of measuring cells and accessories for highest performance.

The N-500 is key to cost efficient analysis, delivery key analytical results in a matter of seconds. The unit can measurement flexibility with dedicated measurement cells perfectly optimized for the analysis of samples such as: solid, powders, tablets, granulate materials and liquids.

The N-500 FT-NIR spectrometer provides reliable analysis results for quality control as well as R&D, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage and feed industry. The NIRFlex N-500 offers a wide range of measuring cells and accessories for highest performance.

–  Delivers results in seconds, for multiple parameters without the use of chemicals/ solvents.

–  Precise and accurate analysis results due to highest wavelength precision.

–  Direct and effortless transfer of calibrations from instrument to instrument.

–  Dedicated measurement cells perfectly optimized for the analysis of samples such as:

solid, powders, tablets, granulate materials and liquids

–  User friendly and intuitive handling.

–  Fast analytical results allow rapid process optimization.

–  Twin lamp, no downtime in case of primary lamp failure.

–  NIRFlex Fiber Optic Solutions can be used for on-site raw materials control for powders,

granular materials, solids and creams as well as liquid samples.


Parallel Evaporation


Parallel Evaporation

Buchi provides comprehensive solutions for the gentle & efficient parallel evaporation & concentration of multiple samples.

Multivapor™ P-6 / P-12:

–  Easy to handle instrument for parallel evaporation of up to 6 or 12 samples under vacuum.

–  Flexible sealing system with specific adapters for a broad range of glass tubes/flasks.

–  Highest analyte recoveries with Flushback module.

–  All crucial parts are made from highly resistant and inert materials.

–  Low operating cost due to no need of nitrogen.

–  Temperature control range 20 °C to 95 °C.

–  Available in two main setups, a combination with the Rotavapor® which shares its vacuum

and condenser assembly, and a comprehensive stand-alone edition.


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SpeedExtractor E-916 / E-914 Pressurised solvent extraction

Syncore® SPE Parallel concentration and solid phase extraction

Vacuum Pump V-300

The economical and silent vacuum source

Syncore Analyst & Syncore Polyvap

Syncore® Analyst

The Syncore® Analyst offers efficient & gentle parallel concentration. With its clever design, cross-contamination can be inhibited and recoveries are maximized.


  • Improve your sample throughput by concentrating up to 12 samples to a residual volume
  • No need of nitrogen saves operational cost
  • Small foot print saves expensive lab space
  • Optimize your process by combining the solid phase extraction and the concentration
  • Integrated solid phase extraction (SPE) eliminates contamination risks
  • Increase productivity by fast concentration of up to 12 samples in parallel


Syncore® Polyvap

The Syncore® Polyvap allows fast evaporation of upto 96 samples in parallel. Save time and increase your efficiency by evaporating multiple samples with volumes from 0.5 to 500 mL.


  • Highest sample throughput of up to 96 samples due to the speedy “Vacuum Vortex parallel evaporation technology”
  • Collect your flash Chromatography fractions directly
  • Lowest emissions by close to 100 % solvent recovery
  • No cross-contamination due to the vacuum cover

Buchi Reveleris Preparative Chromatography Systems



Buchi Reveleris Preparative Chromatography Systems

Reveleris® X2 Flash Chromatography System Buchi

The Reveleris® X2 flash chromatography system is an advanced and powerful system that allows the chemist to see previously invisible components and impurities, helping to provide maximum purity and recovery of target compounds in minimal time.

–  High performance system with synchronized detection and fraction collection from up to

four detector signals (ELSD/UV/Vis), allowing detection of the widest range of compounds

up to 200mL/min and 200 psi (14 bar).

– Easy to use system, with quick modification of parameters on a large 12” touch screen

display, editting gradients in real time, using click and drag or table, auto-recognition of

cartridges and trays reduces set-up time, and the risk of potential errors.

–  Flexible use allows for detection of virtually all sample types from mg to kg quantities, with

easy switch between normal phase and reversed-phase applications.

–  Patented RevealX™ detection technology combines multiple detector signals to optimize

the timing of fraction collection.The integrated detector signals and advanced signal

processing  recognize peaks and collect previously undetected compounds

Reveleris® PREP Chromatography System

The REVELERIS® PREP purification system is a powerful, high-performance system that combines flash chromatography and preparative LC capabilities in a single intuitive instrument. The advanced dual-mode system serves the needs of both organic chemists and preparative LC chromatographers, to streamline purification processes.

–  Versatile system with choice of flash or preparative HPLC, with choice of flash/preparative

HPLC columns up to 200 ml/min, and 3 channel variable UV-Vis and ELS detection.

–  Easy to use, with simple software interface on a large 12” touch screen. Single click

software switches between flash and preparative HPLC, and easy cartridge and column


–  High level of control, with option to manage the entire purification process on your own

with one-click control of all options, including detector sensitivity, choice of when to collect

fractions speed and/or purity etc.

–  Patented RevealX™ detection technology simplifies fraction collection, maximizes recovery of

target molecules and reduces post purification work.


Preparative Chromatography

Preparative Chromatography Solutions

BUCHI preparative chromatography systems are designed to fulfill all purification requirements.

Sepacore® “Easy” Purification Systems

The “Easy” purification systems are modular purification systems, designed as a first step for users looking to shift from performing purification using open glass columns.

The systems offer improved separation compared to tasks performed on open glass columns, along with immense time savings. The system is also completely modular, meaning that the user can upgrade to an advanced system with attachment of compatible accessories.

Basic Flash Pump System Sepacore® Starter: You are looking for a cost-effective yet high performance initial system to run your purifications which could later evolve with your needs. The Sepacore Starter is a basic flash pumping system allowing you to take full advantage of your columns’ separation potential

Sepacore® “Easy Synthesis” purification system: The synthesis of each new compound requires the isolation of the target molecule at the highest possible purity. This system features a 250 mL/min, 10 bar (145 psi) gradient pumping system which lets you take full advantage of your flash cartridge in order to reach this goal.

Sepacore® “Easy Extract” purification system: The isolation of a single compound from a natural extract is a challenging task. The initial mixture is complex and the target analyte only present at a low concentration. This 250 mL/min, 50 bar (725 psi) gradient pumping system is able to feed large glass columns best suited to purify high sample volumes.

Benefits of Sepacore Easy Systems:

–  Improved separation of your complex natural extract with controlled elution parameters

–  Lower solvent consumption with an easy adjustment of the solvent composition

–  High efficiency purification at a pressure up to 50 bar using small particle size silica


 Sepacore® Flash Systems X10 / X50

The Sepacore® flash chromatography systems X10 and X50 address most requirements for the purification of organic compounds. Whether a crude synthesis mixture or a plant extract has to be purified, the system offers an optimal performance and scale-up capability.

Benefits of the X10/ X50 Systems:

–  High performance flash purification up to 50 bar (725 psi) with no column limitations even for

small size silica, time saving with optimized detection conditions for simultaneous monitoring

& collections of 4 wavelengths in UV-Vis range.

–  Flexible & easy modular system expansion: with various control options (PC, touchscreen),

fraction collectors and detectors (ELSD).

–  Sample injection scalable from a few milligrams up to hundred grams on flash cartridges up to

800 g or glass columns

The  systems are complete (up to 10 or 50 bar) including binary gradient pump system, fraction collector with racks, Liquid injection with a 6-way valve, UV-Vis detection with 4 simultaneous wavelengths, PC control with multiwavelength peak detection & silica Sepacore Flash cartridges.

Buchi Encapsulator

Buchi Encapsulator B-390 & B-390 Pro

The Encapsulators B-390 and B-395 Pro enable a successful start in microencapsulation for product development & feasibility studies. They are designed for the immobilization of enzymes, drugs, flavours & fragrances, vitamins, cells or microbes into a wide range of polymers / waxes.



Applications range from controlled release and protection systems, to coatings of particles with functional groups, improvement of capsule stability, dosage and storage.



Uniform capsules and beads are produced when a laminar flowing liquid jet breaks up into equally sized droplets by superimposed vibration. The droplet diameter is pre-selectable in the range of 0.15mm to 2 mm with a spherical shape and narrow size distribution.



Benefit from the


–  Reproducible bead formation and real-time process control.


–  Sterile handling (autoclavable reaction vessel for sterile containment).


–  User friendliness and wide variety of applications.


–  Simple installation with quick and easy learned operation.


Spray Drying

Spray Drying & Encapsulation Solutions

Buchi Mini Spray Dryer B-290


The Mini Spray Dryer B-290 is the world’s leading lab-scale Spray Dryer designed for a wide range of applications in various fields such as Pharmacy, Chemistry, Food & Feed, Beverages, etc. It offers quick


and gentle drying of aqueous & organic solutions or emulsions to stable & free flowing powder.



–  Efficient: Short set-up and cleaning times.


–  Cost effective: reproducible powder production at lab-scale with high yields (up to 70%)


–  Two-Fluid Nozzle: Stainless steel, easy to clean & minimise dead volume.


–  Nozzle Cleaning Device: Automatic cleaning with pneumatic cleaning device.


–  High Performance Cyclone: For safe collection of powder after drying.


–  Control: particle shape, morphology & density can be controlled by altering spray drying conditions.





Buchi Nano Spray Dryer B-90


The Nano Spray Dryer B-90 is a revolutionary product for unique particle generation down to the submicron range from minimal sample quantities at high yields.



The novel piezoelectric driven spray head of the B-90 creates millions of precisely sized droplets of very narrow distribution every second, which are then dried & separated by an electrostatic particle collector with excellent particle recovery rates for finest particles and milligram sample quantities.



–  Designed specially to evaluate spray drying at the early stages of method development.


–  Invest only a minimal sample amount to receive powder quantities of < 100 mg.


–  Produce submicron – or even nanoparticles of 300 nm to 5 μm size with  narrow size distribution.


–  Profit from minimal product loss due to uniquely high yields up to 90 %.


–  Safe process time thanks to simple assembling, easy cleaning and fast product change.





Melting Point Solutions

Melting Point M-560

–  For measurement of both melting & boiling point of samples.

–  Easy observation of melting process through magnifying lens.

–  Parallel measurement of upto three samples (melting point determination).

–  Shortened measurement cycle thanks to fast heat-up & cool-down times.

–  Highly accurate temperature setting and measurement (±0.3°C ~ 0.5°C)

–  Keep your instrument accurate using the menu-guided calibration.

–  Easy verification of the calibration using certified standard compounds.

–  Easy and reproducible packing of capillaries using BUCHI Sample loader.

–  Temperature range +10°C to 400°C.

–  Heat-up time (50 °C – 350 °C) at 25 °C ~ 4 min.



Automatic Melting Point Unit M-565

–  Has all the basic features of the M-560.

–  For automatic determination of melting and boiling points, designed for true, professional

quality control.

–  Video recording enables relaxed observation of the phase transition on the colour display in 6

fold magnification.

–  Complaint with all pharmacopeia methods (European, USP, Japanese)

–  Comprehensive IQ/OQ procedures including certified calibration and verification compounds

for GLP/GMP laboratories


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